Is your cleaning company really a professional cleaning company?

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7 Things to Look For


Many cleaning companies profess to be professional cleaning companies. But, few actually live up to the real test. Here are seven things to look for when you are evaluating a cleaning service. 

Physical Location 

Does your cleaning company work out of their home or do they have a physical location? Working out of your home does not exhibit the same commitment to a cleaning business as those who own brick and mortar locations. A physical location says to the client that we are here, we are members of the community. And, we are not going anywhere and we will stand by our product and service.

Contractors or Employees 

Does your cleaning service employ contractors or do they pay employees a salary? Contractors are paid to do a job and use their own equipment, tools, and supplies to do the job. 

Furthermore, a contractor is rarely insured against any damages caused by their own actions or if they get hurt on the job. Consequently, you could be responsible for their damages or injuries. 

Professional cleaning companies employ their staffs, pay for their supplies, equipment, and tools.  They are required to carry workman’s compensation insurance in case of on-the-job injuries. Additionally, they hold their taxes, and contribute to the employees future retirement funds and Medicare.  


Your professional cleaning company should be bonded for losses or theft. They should have a considerable liability insurance policy and carry workman’s compensation insurance for everyone they employ.

Uninsured workers in your home can hold you responsible for any injuries they incur in your home. Make sure to ask your professional for a certificate of insurance to verify they have insurance coverage. 

Online Reputation 

Does your professional cleaning company have an online reputation you can check? You should be able to check several different sources such as Facebook, Google, Birdseye and more.

There should be at least a few dozen reviews online for you to check. This will give you the confidence that you are dealing with a professional organization. 


What is the appearance of the staff? Are they uniformed, professional, have all their equipment and supplies? Ask your cleaning service if their staffs have background checks. Most professional cleaning companies conduct at least some form of background check on their employees. 


One sign that your dealing with a professional is their punctuality. Professional cleaning companies are organized and have a daily routine. They pride themselves on arriving on time and staying on schedule. And, if something comes up and they are running late, do they contact you and let you know? 


Lastly, what does their equipment look like? Are the vacuums clean, filters changed, roller brushes cleaned of hair and debris? Does your cleaning company use microfiber material for their cloths, mop heads and flat mops. Do they use the same rags or constantly change them to prevent cross contamination?


These are just a handful of things to check when verifying you are really dealing with a professional cleaning company. Sparkling Clean Services is a professional cleaning company located in Lawton, Oklahoma. Check out our reputation for yourself.  We are the area’s highest-rated cleaning company.  Call us today at (580) 699-2486 or go online to complete our FREE QUOTE FORM